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Administrative Staff Reports

November 1, 2016

October 2016 Administrative Staff Report- Program Development & Training Officer


Major projects completed –

Set Technical Assistance calendar for the coming year with AmeriCorps program staff and developed the data quality pre-test. Data Quality is the training focus for 2016-17

Began work with the AmeriCorps Opiate priority contractors and established their timeline and contract deliverables

Set up and began the fall CMV course (scheduled from 10-31 to 12-16) with 14 participants

Switched from facilitating PIE and Grants to E&E. Continued to participate in Service Enterprise national network calls and the Intro to SE workgroup

Trained the National Service Programs on new Maine fingerprinting process and facilitated the approval of programs by SBI

Trained new program staff at Goodwill and provided re-training to RSU 13 staff and met with new LearningWorks CEO.

Developed and presented Budget Development Course at Blaine House and shared with New Hampshire Commission at their request

Issues to be aware of

based on work with grantees, CNCS, or community groups, call the Commissioners’ attention to issues that impact MCCS activities. These can be emerging issues, concerns that task forces should explore, or resources/news they can use in their deliberations.

Limited follow through with Service Enterprise cohort.  Only two of the seven organizations that attended the orientation made the commitment to move forward and these both needed to adjust the schedule of trainings due to significant organizational activities.  This has pushed the training into 2017

Collected feedback on AmeriCorps Launch and Blaine House from AC programs to share with taskforces

Major focus of effort in the new month –

Find a trainer for National Service Branding training with AmeriCorps and Senior Corps staff and scheduling the meetings for winter and spring

AmeriCorps Opiate initiative – continue to build stakeholder group and organize scoping meetings for December and January

Get training for:

Proctor CMV fall course

Finalize Service Enterprise Training schedule and start trainings